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Don't Think! Scheme!

Sailor Moon was first published as a manga in Nakayoshi in 1991.  The anime based on it debuted in 1992.

The Nintendo Entertainment System, a.k.a. the Famicom in Japan, debuted there in 1983 and the US in 1985.  New software was made for the system until 1994 in the US and Japan (the last official release in the US is Wario's Woods, while Japan's last release is Adventure Island IV).  In Europe, the system kept getting new games until 1995 (the last release there was The Lion King).  The first appearance of Sailor Moon in a video game is Nakayoshi To Isho, which was released in Japan in 1993.

With one exception, not one single Sailor Moon game has been officially released outside of Japan.  The one exception is Sailor Moon - La Luna Splende, which saw a European release.  Not one Sailor Moon game has ever been released in the US.

Atari's last game for the Atari 2600 in the US was Moto Rodeo, released in 1990.  It's unclear what the last game for the 7800 was, but 1990 was the last year for any releases, and on January 1, 1992, Atari ceased all publication (although some titles were still being developed until May 1993).

No, these aren't random thoughts.  You will see in due time....
In my last post, I asked if any of the Guardians Of The Galaxy had ties to Stan Lee.  The fine and upstanding thrillhammer has responded:

"As far as the movies, there are two.  Both Ronan The Accuser and Groot were created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.  Dick Ayers also helped create Groot."

...and there goes my tax return.  So long, friend, I had hoped we'd be together longer.

The End Of An Era

Today, I got an email from C2E2.  Usually, they don't start putting together their guest lists until about November or December, so the early warning is very welcome.

And the first thing it says is that this C2E2 will be the last appearance at C2E2 for Stan Lee.

This is a surprise, given that Reed's NYCC was to be the last time Lee moved too far from his base of operations in California.  So there seems to be one last trip across the country in him.

Longtime readers know I have very mixed emotions regarding Lee and his history with Jack Kirby.  Also, I wasn't much of a mainstream comic reader, so a lot of the cultural impact he had on others with his creations like Spider-Man and such flew right by me.  But the guy is 91 years old.  I'm frankly amazed he's still around.

I hadn't really considered getting his signature before.  But now, there is something that would be nice.  My Deadpool game for the XBox 360 currently sports four sigs -- Fabian Nicieza (co-creator, Deadpool and Domino), Chris Claremont (co-creator, Rogue, Genoshia, Nathan Summers as Cable, Psylocke, Sinister, Arclight, Vertigo, Blockbuster (2nd), and the Marauders), Michael Golden (co-creator, Rogue, Blockbuster (2nd), and Vertigo), and Nolan North (voice of Deadpool in the game).  How would Stan Lee fit into things, other than being the public face of Marvel?  Co-creator of the X-Men, the Blackbird, and the Sentinels.  So he would be an intersting addition to the collection, and given how he charges in the $100 range for a sig, it would fit in.  Although it would be a bit pricey -- remember, I have people sign both the game cover and the disc itself.  So either I better make sure I get my tax return in time or PeeGee's having ramen for dinner for a while.

So, as you can tell from the heavily documented list above, it is almost a sure thing that I'll get his sig on the game.  The question is, should I do anything else?  There's Spider-Man on the Atari 2600, for example.  Lots of games.  Maybe my Deadpool movie, which featured the first Stan Lee appearance I genuinely cheered instead of rolling my eyes at.  How involved was he in with the characters from Guadians Of The Galaxy?  What Marvel comic would constitute the prize of that collection?

A lot to think about.  Because, there's already two comic book names involved in the game I can never get -- King Kirby and Herb Trimpe, co-creator of Psylocke and the first to draw Wolverine for publication.  They've passed on.   And after seeing C. Martin Coker die this week, I no longer think there will be more opportunities with Lee.

(For the curious, the other sigs to chase for the Deadpool game as far as the comic book industry goes are John Romita Jr. (co-creator of the Marauders and Arc Light), Marc Silvestri (co-creator, Sinister), Roy Thomas and Len Wein and John Romita Sr. (Wolverine, obviously), Rick Leonardi (Genoshia), Louise Simonson (co-creator, Cable), Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin (Death), and of course, Liefeld himself.)

He's Dead Again, Jim

All those who think the next Robin should be Rory Williams, who knows a thing or two about dying and coming back to life, raise your hands.

Slott Machine

So, apparently, next week's Amazing Spider-Man #18 will have something to do with The Superior Spider-Man and will be written by Dan "Mr. Personality" Slott.

I think I'll be taking a little break from the comic book fandom for a bit.....

Riding On The Metroid....

....so, Metroid -- Federation Force is canon.  As is Metroid -- Other M.  While the entire Prime series has been declared non-canon.

This would be like if Warner Bros. declared the Joel Shumacher Batman And Robin to be canon but nothing else.
I knew I shouldn't have checked my messages.  I totally knew it.  After Nintendo took their terrible swift sword to AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake), Pokemon Uranium, and the various Pokemon Go apps, everyone thought it was over.  But no, Nintendo was just getting warmed up.  And people have been begging me to rail against this newest outrage.  (Apparently, these people have not read my previous musings on the legalities of fan projects, or they would know what my stance is already.)  Goddammit, this is supposed to be a long weekend where I don't work!

So, what exactly happened?  Well, apparently, last Thursday, GameJolt got a C&D from Nintendo.  GameJolt is a site that hosts fangame projects, and they were ordered to shut down 562 -- count 'em, 562! -- fan games hosted on the site for trademark violation among other things, like profiting off of Nintendo's IP (for those of you wondering about fangames being a labor of love done for free, GameJolt gives you the option for revenue sharing on ads that run as the game loads and on the game pages, with creators looking at a potential cut of 30%, so it's not like Nintendo is wrong in their assertion here).

Now, Nintendo is in their rights here, and in fact, they have a sort of requirement to be hard asses about this.  Copyright is actually rather flexible on the part of rights holders, but trademark?  If you do not rigidly enforce your trademark, it weakens and you can lose it.  And given the sheer amount of name recognition Nintendo's properties have, from Mario to Metroid to Pokemon to Zelda, you can see why they aren't inclined to let it weaken in the slightest.  In fact, depending on circumstances, Nintendo can actually be relatively decent about this stuff.  For example, an animator decided to make a StarFox fan animated series.  Nintendo hit him with a DMCA, because they were making their own StarFox animated series to go out with StarFox Zero.  However, Nintendo isn't trying to stop the project.  He can still continue with it, he just can't call it StarFox is all.  Likewise, one of the games that dodged the massive purge on GameJolt is Escape From Lavender Town, which despite being a Pokemon adventure, doesn't use Pokemon in the title and makes its existence a lot less intricate.  (This is part of the reason I'm not sure if I'm ever going to make that Officer Jenny fangame for the Atari.)

Now, I've said it before and I'll say it again -- it's Nintendo's stuff.  Not mine, not yours, their's.  And if they decide to enforce their rights, for whatever reason or no reason, they can.  I'll tell you the truth, everyone should have seen this coming.  Nintendo is behind the 8 ball here, and they need the NX to be a smash.  They are preparing a massive blitz with any property they have (I'm wondering if we'll see Captain N put in an appearance), and they don't want competition.  Just look at Star Trek -- Axanar:  people were saying that the preview and trailer looked better than the Star Trek Beyond trailer and people were more excited for it.  Paramount would be competing with the fandom it needs to make this work and Alec Peters was acting like a puke (it could have split the fandom over the direction and overall themes of Trek), so out came the ban hammer.  Nintendo has a lot of plans, almost none public, so they are keeping the decks clear.  And dare I say, Nintendo is actually being pretty lenient here.  They could be suing for cash or ruining careers here, but they aren't.  They are just stopping everyone from distributing their programs and apps through GameJolt.  They can still recover their code.  They can still modify it -- Pokemon Uranium is going to keep updating its program for the 1.5 million people who already downloaded it, but they will not be distributing the base game anymore, although you can easily find it on the torrents if you trust that crowd (I don't).  So given the absolute ruin Nintendo can create to the fan community, all they are really doing is going, "Me, first."  Count your blessings.

Gene Wilder, Rest In Peace

Comedy master Gene Wilder died Sunday night from complications from Alzheimer's disease.  He was 83.

Goddammit, why do we keep losing the good ones?!?
I would pay serious money to see this.  Really serious money.  As in, "Just take my wallet and give me back how much I should have."

Lock And Load

Things PeeGee learned at Wizard World Chicago -- IDW artist Sam Ellis, who works on Adventure Time, is also the lead character designer for Archer.

Ellis will be at C2E2 next April. I showed him my Sailor Moon game and asked, if I made an Archer game for the Atari, would he sign it? He said yes.

So my mission is clear....

Fighting Evil By Moonlight.

There are some things you just can't get rid of.

Ever since the Batman -- The Killing Joke movie showed us Batman and Batgirl getting it on, my enthusiasm for the Caped Crusader has plummeted like a Kayne West album in its second week.  I was ready to trash every last bit of Batman memoribia I have, but I eventually decided to wait until I calmed down from the squick.  So I have been placing extraneous Batman stuff aside until I decide once and for all if I can keep being a fan or if I don't want it anymore.

That said, there are a few things that will remain in my collection.  My Batman video games, obviously.  The first two movies in the Nolan trilogy (sorry, I didn't like Dark Knight Rises).  A few other things here and there, and certain comic books.  For example, Justice League #5 (September 1987).  This is the infamous "One Punch" issue.  I hate Guy Gardner.  I think he's a total asshole and his existence not only doesn't make sense in the Green Lantern continuity, but it's insulting to the concept of superheroes, and I will argue those points to the death.  So when Guy decided to challenge Batman to a fistfight, that one image, of Batman dropping him like a sack of flour with one punch, was something I had been wishing for for ages.  The first time I saw it, I just stared at the page, realizing my dreams had come true.  I know Keith Giffen, the writer, said it was a throwaway joke, but it was something the readers had been aching to see, and there is no putting that genie back in the bottle.

(Side note:  this also means I keep Justice League Of America Vol 2 #0.  In that issue, it is revealed that Black Canary took a picture of the unconscious Guy Gardner and faxed it to Wonder Woman.  The issue features a scene where Wonder Woman and Superman are grilling Batman for details of the "fight" and loving every minute of it, to the point where they ask Batman to re-enact the fight and he gladly does so.  The Caped Crusader, dour and grim and withdrawn, is actually bragging about fucking Guy Gardner up and Wondy and Supes were just eating it up.  And I don't blame them one little bit.)

So, like I said, there are certain key issues that I will be holding on to no matter what, although I do note that they all come from before Batsy's roll in the hay with his metaphorical daughter.  The original Court Of Owls story?  That stays. No Man's Land?  Never getting rid of that, it's one of my favorite Batman stories of all time.  But it's not just the epic stuff.  There is one issue that, due to a personal bias, I will never get rid of, because, like Batman actually bragging about something for a change, this one is a little throwaway detail that, the more you think about it, the better it gets.

The issue in question is Justice League Of America #27 (1999).  In it, there is a scene in a restaraunt.  The Martian Manhunter has disguised himself as a Japanese woman (CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!  MARTIANS ARE INSENSITIVE!) for a meeting with Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.  Here's the page that is fraught with portent:

For those of you wondering what the hell Bruce is on about, the Martain Manhunter has adopted the alias of Hino Rei, a.k.a. Sailor Mars.

Batman reads and/or watches Sailor Moon.

And now, I want a picture of a Batman cosplayer holding my signed Sailor Moon video game....
Oh, who lives in peace 'neath the willow tree...Sexual Harassment Batman....

Who explains sexual harassment to you and me...Sexual Harassment Batman....

Don't say that! Don't touch there!

Don't be nasty, says the silly bear!

He's come to teach you right and wrong...Sexual Harassement Batman!

Sexual Predator Batman 2

Now THIS one's creepy....

Sexual Predator Batman

They weren't kidding -- The Killing Joke really DOES make you see Batman in a new light!

Wondering Woman

SJW's on the Internet are upset that Wonder Woman is being played in the movies by an Israeli.

Is there ANYTHING people won't bitch about?!?


As everyone knows, Illinois is facing a budget shortfall.  The gov and the state leg are locked in a stupid dick measuring contest, keeping funds from a lot of government agencies in this state.  So where to find money without increasing taxes, especially during an election year?

How about pot?

Today, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law a bill that has decriminalized small amounts of weed.  If you are caught with 10 grams or less, you don't get arrested, you simply get fined a ticket up to $200.  This makes Illinois the 17th state to enact such legislation.

The key to the debate was what constituted a "harmless" amount of weed.  10 grams was seen as an acceptable limit, the equivalent of a BAL.  The bill passed with bipartisan support, probably after seeing how things went in Cook County -- a few years ago, they also decriminalized small amounts of pot, and it's been very good for their budget.

Let taht be a lesson to you -- if you can't have faith in people to do what is right, have faith in their greed.

Who You Gonna Call?

This weekend marks the third frame for Ghostbusters 2016.  Conventional wisdom is that most movie have made most of their money in a territory by the third weekend.

So how are things looking for GB16?

Not good.  Not good in the least.

Estimated budget of $144 mil.  Estimated advertising and print costs of $100 mil.  Those are the lowest end figures that exist, although it is likely much higher.  Remember I said I would be surprised if the movie made $100 mil, that it was possible but an extremely tall order?  As of yesterday, GB16's domestic box office haul stood at just a hair above $92 mil.  Now, the opening weekend was soft but solid, and the second week drop was only in the 50% range, which is more than respectable for any movie, let alone one that has been at the center of so much bullshit.  But still, a franchise kickstarter hasn't even crossed $100 mil yet.

Things are even worse when you factor in the global haul.  The total gross for Ghostbusters 2016, including foreign markets, is $128.3 mil.  Going into its third weekend, the movie hasn't made back its budget yet.  And according to Paul Feig, it has to hit at least $500 mil worldwide in order for all these great spin-offs and sequels and shit to start appearing.

Pool's closed.

Let's Talk About Standards

Oh, holy shit....

One of the coders is a furry. He's not a furry activist, he understands this is weird, and he owns it. He hangs with a crew that does the usual furry porn and other shit.

I bring this up because he copied me into a discussion of his group. Each and every one of them is appalled at TKJ movie and Batman shtupping Batgirl.

I PM'ed him, A group that draws herm and cub porn is repulsed by Batsex?


Folks, when the furries think you fucked up....

APB: The Status Of Batman -- Bomb Run

...okay.  Here's what's going on.

I clearly need at least a break from Batman.  I'm not going to say for sure if the game is gone or not.  And I promise I won't trash my Batman shit, I'll hold onto it until I have calmed down enough to see if I can separate TKJ from the rest of the Batman stuff, I just won't be buying anything new until I figure out what this means.  So those of you who were expecting copies of Batman -- Bomb Run, you might still get them, you might not.  But I do need some time to myself regarding this.  Your patience is appreciated.
You know, Wolverine may spend a creepy amount of time with underage girls, but at least he didn't fuck Jubilee or Kitty Pryde.

I am officially shitcanning the Batman -- Bomb Run fan game I was working on.  All code has been deleted.  All notes have been shredded.  It's the Internet, so the images of the box mock-up and label will still be out there.  But that's it.  I want nothing to do with Batman now.  In fact, I'm not even sure I'm going to keep the first two Nolan movies or get rid of them with everything else.

You can tell me this is an overreaction.  I don't care.  I can't even look at the Adam West Batman without thinking of TKJ.  Batman has been ruined for me.  No more comics, no more movies, no nothing.  Whoever thought this was a good idea, you are wrong, and the damage control everyone is employing is proof.

Buzzkill Ahoy, Cap'n

...I'm suddenly not so interested in making that Batman -- Bomb Run game....

Batman -- Who's Your Daddy?

“The world doesn't make sense until you force it to.”

― Frank Miller

So…apparently, in the new animated movie Batman — The Killing Joke, Batman and Batgirl have sex.

Now, don’t misunderstand me.  I think this is wrong on so many levels it’s not even funny.  But here’s the thing — as creepy and sick as this is, it might not be the worst thing Batman has ever done.

Batman might be a cold-blooded murderer.

Thinking about this little event, I remembered a fan theory of mine.  I held it for a lot of years a long time ago.  And it just popped back up into my consciousness, and I remembered there has ALWAYS been a possibility that Batman is not the purest and noblest of superheroes as Frank Miller likes to espouse, but…well, let me explain.

To understand my point, you have to understand where I’m coming from.  And for that, we need to go back to the old days.  REALLY old, to the original Batman comics by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.  A lot has happened in the intervening years, including revisions to continuity that render most of this moot.  So we are going to look at things before other writers started dorking with the continuity.  This means one really important detail changes — no ninjas.  Ninjas didn’t really factor into Bat continuity until they became pop culture icons, and their presence alters a key piece of the evidence I’m going to present.

Let’s think about how Robin became Batman’s sidekick.  Dick’s parents, The Flying Graysons, are putting on an acrobatic show in Gotham when mobster Tony Zucco tries to shake down the circus owner.  To this end, John and Mary Grayson are killed in an “accident” while Bruce is in the audience.  As Dick stands there mourning his parents, Batman appears behind him and offers him a chance to fight back against crime.  Dick accepts and becomes Robin.

So, Bruce Wayne is Batman, crusader of Gotham City, the Dark Knight.  Aided by Dick Grayson, Robin, his youthful ward….

…did you ever think about that?  “Ward.”  Bruce clearly regarded Dick as a son.  And yet, the entire time, Bruce never officially adopted him, Dick remained his ward.  Why?

Because an adoption would open up an investigation into the death of the Flying Graysons.  And what could be found might be very very damaging.

I never really noticed initially, just thought it was just comic artists being generic to meet a deadline, but Bruce and Dick looked remarkably alike.  Dick almost looked like a younger version of Bruce.

So, you are Bruce Wayne.  Your parents have been killed in front of your eyes, and you decide to dedicate your life to fighting crime.  To accomplish this, you begin training yourself for any eventuality you may need.  Detective skills.  Engineering.  Criminal psychology.  Acrobatics.  So you need to learn acrobatics so you can swing around the city.  Where do you go to learn acrobatics?  Why, to acrobats, of course.  And you would go to the best there is.

The Flying Graysons.

Bruce is about the same age as the Flying Graysons.  And, as this was during his teens, he and Mary Grayson would be in the throes of hormonal influence.  It’s possible, and in fact likely, that Bruce and Mary had a fling.

What if that fling produced a son?  Richard Grayson?

Bruce had ostensibly gone to the circus to watch the show, but as soon as John and Mary are killed, Batman is instantly right there.  Like Bruce knew he would need the costume at some point during the show.  What if part of the Graysons coming to Gotham was Mary and John were going to try to shake down Bruce?  They would have heard about an acrobatic crime fighter operating in Gotham and would realize it was him.  Which would mean an end to Batman.  Would Batman have killed the Graysons and framed Zucco to keep his secret?  Then approach Dick at the most vulnerable moment of his life to keep him from ever suspecting what really happened?  Remember, as it is, everyone thinks Zucco did it and no one’s bothering to investigate further.  But what if there is more there, and all it takes is someone actually paying attention?

Now you see why I had to disallow the ninjas — with them, Bruce learns acrobatics from practitioners of an ancient art.  But if you strip that away, it is entirely possible that Bruce is a killer and basically broke Dick Grayson psychologically in order to further his agenda.

What do you, the viewers at home, think?

...Must...Fight It...Need...Free Time....

Me a couple of months ago:  I don't think I'm going to watch the new Ghostbusters movie.  It doesn't look like it's for me.

As of today:  constant negative reviews.  Claims the movie is sexist towards men.  Statements that the movie just.  Isn't.  Funny.

...no...must resist...going to see this...for....myself.....

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