Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Living In Harmonix

Cambridge, MA-based Harmonix is in the news, one interesting item, one good news item, and one bad.

First, the bad. Harmonix confirmed that they have downsized. 39 positions got the axe, mostly in QA. This supposedly brings them more in line with how other studios handle things. They insist there will be no delay in any titles, and that it has nothing to do with market performance. EA is very happy with how the Rock Band franchise is running. The 39 apparently constitutes about 13 percent of their workforce, suggesting they had a staff of about 300 people. Given Rock Band is pretty much their only project, I'm guessing most of it is legal (for negotiating song rights) and art direction for the game settings. After all, it's QA that's getting cut back, not those.

On the good news front, Beatles Rock Band has passed 1 million in sales. Raise your drum sticks.

And the interesting item -- following "Beatles Rock Band" and the AC/DC Track Pack, there's a new themed Rock Band coming. It's for the band Green Day. Good band (I'll probably blow through Good Riddance in my first sitting). The only real drawback is my sister is a total Green Day nut. I get the bad feeling I'll be seeing a LOT of her this summer....
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