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Kicking The Wheels Off The Hope Bandwagon

As someone who never got on Obama's Hope bandwagon, I look at the current situation with a LOT of snark.

First, Obama is upset about the bailout package that he himself signed without overview and sold to the American people as absolutely necessary.  That is, until the AIG execs started taking bonuses after getting bailout money and left the Legislative and Executive branches looking Charlie.  Everyone that said the bailout was undeserved got a big "I told you so."

When the AIG bonuses became public, I likened it to the following analogy, inspired by C+C Music Factory -- you're in high school with your girlfriend, and you make love for the first time.  You look at her and ask, "Was I your first?"  And she looks you dead in the eye and says, "Why do you guys always ask me that?"  Not only is the answer far from what you were hoping for, it can't get any further away without overflowing the integer and wrapping around.

There is talk of taxing the bonuses to get all the money back.  Yeah, THAT'LL survive a Constitutional challenge.  Between that and the AIG execs saying of subpeonas, "Bring 'em on," the American taxpayers got hosed.  And Obama is still trying to push his budget through and is wondering why it's such a tough sell.  He's also trying to explain to people who understand economics why some of the conditions are in place.  South Carolina wanted to use its cut of the stimulus money to pay down state debt, which would lower taxes and attract jobs to the state.  Obama said don't even think of it.  The money is to spend, not pay down debt.

Personal, professional, or governmental, NO ONE IN HISTORY HAS EVER SPENT THEIR WAY OUT OF DEBT.  And, naturally, since Obama has established that we are going to try to inflate our way out of the Recession, oil prices have shot up.  Why?  Because, as inflation kicks in from an oversupply of cash, thanks to the new deal where private investors go in with the government to buy bad debt from the banks (if it works, investors get roughtly 50% of the cash.  If it fails, they lose roughly 7% of the cash.  It's practically a license to print money), investors head for things that will alway have worth regardless of the devaluing of currency, and that means oil, silver, gold, and such are becoming havens for investor money.  I don't think Obama thought his cunning plan through.

Obama is having to deal with some very public gaffes, from Hillary Clinton, who is showing herself to be about as dense as day-old oatmeal, to appearing on the Tonight Show and making an ill-advised joke about the Special Olympics.  This is the same Obama who hammered Imus when he made his offensive gaffe, basically following the same map.

It gets even worse when it comes to Digital Rights.  Obama has appointed Tom Perrelli and Donald Verrilli to the Justice Department as associate attorney general and associate deputy attorney general.  They have fought and won numerous high profile cases in the past for the RIAA, including suing Google on behalf of Viacom, ending Grokster and attempting to force Charter Communications to release names of alleged illegal file sharers.  But wait, there's more.  According to The Recording Industry vs. The People, "the Obama Justice Department — staffed by RIAA lawyers in its 2nd and 3rd highest positions — has filed a motion for intervention and brief in SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum which attempts to support the RIAA’s statutory damages theory.  The specifics are complex, but the gist of this move is that they are citing a case from 1919 as legal precedent to allow the RIAA to pursue “2,100 to 425,000 times the actual damages for an MP3 file.” For example, right now the RIAA is trying to blame blogger Kevin Cogill for causing 400,000 illegal downloads of Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy after leaking only 9 tracks, which they claim led to a loss of $2.2 million of profits for the record company. This recent motion filed by the DOJ attempts to validate such accusations and could open the door to huge punishments against people that leak albums."

And here's the cherry on this banana split:  Obama is getting an award from the National Newspaper Publishers Association for being "Newsmaker Of The Year."

Obama has closed the ceremony to the press.

The press, which is giving him the award, isn't allowed to cover it.

The most transparent government in history, huh?  UR DOING IT WRONG.
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