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Playing Along With A Holiday Meme

* Famous Christmas movie

I have two that I watch every year.  The Patrick Stewart version of "A Christmas Carol" (Best.  Evar.) and the MST3K version of Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.

* Christmas movie character

John McClain in Die Hard.  Watch it again, it is technically a Christmas movie.

* Least favorite Christmas movie

Any of the bullshit feel-good flicks.  Currently in front of the pack is Santa Buddies.  Gin is proof that God wants us to numb the pain.

* Least favorite movie character

Ernest in Ernest Saves Christmas

* Favorite Christmas song

Kylie Minogue's "Santa Baby" or Red Peters' "Holy Shit, It's Christmas"

* Least Favorite Christmas song

Easy.  "The Carol Of The Bells."  Something about the different keys for all the different parts triggers a fingernails on chalkboard reaction out of me.  Anything by the Chipmunks runs a good second.

* Favorite Christmas decoration

A nice, sedate, humble little Nativity set.

* Favorite Christmas food
* Favorite Christmas drink

I don't really have any holiday exclusives on this front.

* Favorite Obscure Christmas movie

The Mexican "Santa Claus" movie

* Most favorite part of the holidays

Giving the gifts and watching the eyes of my friends and family go "WOW!"

* Least favorite part of the holidays

The stress and timing issues with coordinating family gatherings and activities

* Favorite holiday (from any time of the year)

Independence Day.  Patriot 'till I die, and you get to blow shit up.
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