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I've written before about i4i and how M$ ripped off one of their patents and incorporated it into Word.  Lots of e-mails and evidence showing M$' hubris.  i4i got $290 mil and an injuction, making it illegal for Word to be sold in the US.  M$ appealed and got a stay on the injunction, what with them being such an important bidness concern and all that.

Today, the ruling came down.  M$ rolled box cars.  They have to cough up the $290 mil, and effective January 11, they cannot sell Word in the US unless they make a deal with i4i and license the tech, or they rewrite the code.  M$ has put its engineers in a skunkworks to replace the offending code by Jan 11.  (Which I expected -- the patent cuts to the heart of UhOhXML.  M$ isn't about to share their attempted power grab like they have to with Internet Exploder.)

So, what do you know?  Every once in a while, companies DO have to obey the law!
Tags: computers, patent law
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