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The Health Care Bill Itself Might Be Sick

Time for another installment of "Deep Thoughts Of The Polish Mind."

Everyone is getting ready for a possible vote on the health care bill that could send it to Obama's desk to sign into law by Christmas Eve.  This bill is a little easier to slog through, about 383 pages, but it's still rough on the brain (and remember, I read software licenses).  Thumbing through it yields some interesting ideas, and the statements from both parties convince me that this whole thing is just an election stunt that both are participating in.

The R's are threatening to call for an immediate vote, putting moderates on the spot.  They are questioning things like who pays.  Remember, Nevada and three other states won't have to pay a dime, the costs will be put on other states whose unemployment isn't as bad (Illinois will pay Nevada's costs, for example).  Then, there's another that allows Nebraska to expand its Medicare coverage, and the costs for that will be paid for by the other 49 states, split evenly.  As I feared, they are trying to craft the bill in a way that will make it impossible to get rid of.  There's a provision that says that the bill cannot be revoked or altered by any current or future Congress.

Wait.  Hit the rewind.  What was that?

I believe that is a violation of the Constitution.  I mean, even the Constitution itself can be changed as time goes on and consequences are realized.  Remember Prohibition?  Would a specific statement like that survive the court challenges you know are coming?

And that's the part that has me suspicious.  I wonder if this is a poison pill.

Allow me to introduce you to another unique part of my political venacular:  "poison pill".  This is a part of a bill that is included with everyone aware it makes whatever was passed unconscionable and guarantees it will be shot down by the courts.  This way, Congress gets to say, "Hey, look, we upheld the public will, it's not our fault it bombed out, the courts rejected it."  I first came up with it when Clinton came up with the bill to censor the Internet.  Everyone and their brother knew this would be laughed out of the first court it came to on 1st Amendment grounds.  But congressmen running for re-election were able to say, "Hey, we supported making the Internet family friendly, so vote for us!"  The bill was shot down by the courts as predicted, and they got to talk about how wonderful they were.

So, an immutable law.  I find it hard to believe that would not make a justice go, "Stop that shit!"  So I'm wondering if this is so Congress can save their phony baloney jobs.  Hey, we came up with health care reform!  It's not our fault it can't be enacted, the courts said so!  We still represent you, vote for us!

With over 82% of people opposing the health bill and Obama putting his fingers in his ears, not to mention the upheaval of the elections in November, there's something happening, and I wonder if this is an attempt to save face.  Once again, they are playing games with my Constitution and my rights.  Both of them, D's and R's.  Neither is the hero here.
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