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Even if you only know me from reading Stress Puppy, you know I take a rather dim view of people who will ascribe any insignificant event in their lives as proof of Divine Intervention.  I'm not talking about big stuff.  You have someone with a life-threatening illness and they pull through?  Sure, I'll buy that it's a miracle.  I'm talking about things that indicate really misplaced priorities.

My parents have a small, three foot tall fake Christmas tree in their kitchen.  It has two strings of lights, one around the bottom of the tree, one around the top.  Fake snow covers the fake limbs and fake pine cones.  The top string of lights didn't work this year when they put it up, and Dad had resolved it would go in the trash once the holidays were over.  So, yes, they have a tree only half lit just to get through the holidays instead of just getting another.

Tonight, apparently, that second string of lights just started working.  Mom has declared it a Christmas miracle.

Yeah.  War.  Disease.  Famine.  Injustice.  And Jesus is going to work his magic to make your Christmas tree light up.

She'd be better off thanking Nicola Tesla for this one.


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Dec. 25th, 2009 05:27 am (UTC)
Mini lights are terribly fickle at times. If a single bulb goes out, all go out. But if a single bulb is loose, they might all go out, or they might all be on. It just depends on giving the string a good shake.

Meanwhile, I think your parents are terribly wasteful to think of just throwing out that light string rather than making an attempt to fix it. Seriously, most stings that go out have one bad bulb, and can be fixed by a single person in a matter of minutes.
Dec. 25th, 2009 06:08 am (UTC)
Nicola Tesla!?! Next you'll be telling me that God doesn't cause certain sports teams to win games ;-D
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