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The King Is Dead

I'm not much of a fan of Wired magazine.  Too much focus on flash, not enough on the real meat of what's going on.  But there is one part of their magazine I do like, and it's the 2009 Vaporware awards.  They give these out to anything tech related that either didn't materialize that year when it was supposed to or had so many of its promised features stripped out, it might as well be something different.

One thing I have come to expect is the winner to be Duke Nuk'em Forever, the infamously long delayed sequel that I've written about before.  When 3D Realms went tits-up this summer, I was wondering if it would make the vaporware list.  After all, the company is dead, so technically, it's canceled, not vaporware.  But I held out a tiny sliver of hope that The King would put in a final bow, one last appearance before he no longer qualifies.  After all, it was still promised for this year....

Well, no dice.  The cancellation has removed Duke from contention, something the mag apologized for and acknowledged that it felt weird not having him to kick around, but it had to be.  As it is, Duke is the only one to win the Lifetime Achievement Award for Vaporware, and even that wasn't enough to get him off the list, the readers rebelled and demanded he be included again.  So, unless something happens with 3D Realms and Take Two, our favorite whipping boy has finally gotten away.

But there is hope.  The current winner of the Vaporware Awards?

Starcraft II.  12 years since the original, the game was supposed to beta this year, one poster mentioned he had preordered it in 2008 from Circuit City.

Nice of others to step up to the plate when the big player is out.
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