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The List -- A Sine Timore Production

So, where are we at now?

SOUND WAVES -- This fell a little behind.  I currently have up to page 14 of #8 penciled and inked.  I probably could have saved time if I had just inked the outlines and then blacked out the background on several pages digitally, but I like original comic art, and as such, I wanted it to look like the finished product, so out came the ink brush.  Fortunately, #3 just hit this month, and #4 is in February (the series is officially going bi-monthly now), so I'm way ahead of deadline.  Certainly further ahead there than I am on Stress Puppy.  Also, the idea hit me for a special Christmas issue of Sound Waves.  Naturally, it was too late to do it this holiday season, but I'll have it next year.  This story is going to be considerably more cynical than the usual Sound Waves fact, I worry that I'm straying too far into Stress Puppy turf with it, but I think I can pull it off.  And since it's a special, I don't have to stick to the 16 page limit of the regular issues.  I don't know how many pages it will be yet, but I'll update that once I get it done.  I mean, I have nearly a year.

HEAD ABOVE WATER -- This is the big news.  The art here is more involved than the minimalism of Sound Waves.  And yet, I got all of #3 done this month.  That's pretty damn good for me.  I want all five issues of HAW to be out in time for the ChicagoCon next August.  That means April is the latest it can launch.  I'm still holding out hope for a March launch, but that will all depend on how much more I get done.  I'm hoping to have all five issues done before I go to the printer.  If I keep up the pace, I should be able to do it.

GERM WARFARE -- Development on this game will resume once one of the two comic series wraps (smart money is on Head Above Water).  This could likely be the last project I do with GameEditor.  I was browsing through some C++ code, and I was actually understanding it, correctly identifying pointers and such.  So maybe I'm not too far away from where I need to be after all.  However, I can't do anything until I get some spare time, so trying to dev a new project in straight C++ is out of the question right now.

THE SOUND WAVES VIDEO GAME -- Or maybe this will be the last GameEditor project.  Come on, you knew I was at least thinking of this.  I have an idea for a really simple one that would work fine.  I would love to be advanced enough in either C++ or Pascal to be able to make it run on my GP2X as well, but we'll see.  This one is slated for 2011, so don't expect it for a looooong time.

HARD WAY STUDIOS PROJECTS -- The studio is officially relaunching tomorrow.  The stuff I've done for them, they are figuring out how to handle.  Right now, they have Shelter and Suicide Note ready to head out of the gate.  They are looking more to be publishers and distributors (they've offered to carry my projects like Sound Waves and the Stress Puppy graphic novel in their store), but once they get things cleared up a bit, they might have more work for me.  We'll have to see.  Stress Puppy will begin running on the site once I get the new file format for the strips straight, and when I start the next storyline.

PERSONAL COMIC BOOK PROJECTS -- With my stuff for Hard Way currently in a holding pattern, the next comic I do is going to be more of a teen or higher serious book.  I don't want to pigeonhole myself with comedy or "kiddie stuff" like Sound Waves, so keeping something with a similar feel to Head Above Water is the way to go, I just have to decide what that will be.
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