Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Take Two Tablets And Call Me In The Morning

The worst kept secret in tech right now is that Apple is getting ready to unveil a tablet PC.  People like me are reacting with a yawn.  Tablet PC's have been an option for years, and they just aren't selling.  Stripped down specs combined with what is basically a clipboard just doesn't make me want to plunk down $1K.

Well, some people may want a tablet for whatever reason.  So here's an option for you.

Freescale Semiconductor has just released specs for it's own tablet PC, soon to hit the market.  It runs Linux, of course.

ARM CPU (1 Gig ARM Cortex-A8).

7 inch touch screen.

Built in 3 megapixel camera.

Wifi, Bluetooth, and 3G connectivity.

512 M of memory

Hi def codecs built in and based on OpenGL

3 axis accellerometer (read that:  it tilts and reacts) and light detection.

Now how much would you pay?!?  How about $200?!?  That's right!  I'm Billy Mays, with the deal of a lifetime!
Tags: computers, drm, foss, linux, open source
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