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Jesus Christ, here we go again.  I'm starting to feel like Freddy in the Freddy vs. Jason movie, where he screamed, "WHY WON'T YOU STAY DEAD?!?"

There's a new Facebook page up.  And it has a teaser still for a game called Duke Nukem D-Day.  The account's admin states, "Duke Nukem doesn't stay down for long."  I'm sorry, is twelve years not considered long anymore?

So, now the gamers are running themselves ragged over what this game could possibly be.  There are three possibilities.

1)  It is a renamed Duke Nukem Forever.  Given that the whole Duke franchise is tied up in court right now, no way it's the long lost game.  Hell, Take Two would love to have it come out just so they could recoup their investment.  With no settlement in sight, I doubt this is it.

2)  It's Duke Begins.  Around 2007, Take Two licensed Duke Nukem from Apogee (3D Realms' parent company) to make a Duke game, projected to be released sometime in 2010.  Initially, 2K Games was going to handle it, but eventually it got handed off to Gearbox (Brothers In Arms, Borderlands, and the upcoming Aliens:  Colonial Marines for Sega) before Take Two shelved the project kind of sudden-like.  The game was being developed on the QT, it's existence was unknown until it was mentioned in Apogee's countersuit filing last summer.  It would appear that Take Two can still legally release such a game, and the game was shelved and the license, as far as I know, hasn't expired.  However, once again, Take Two would not only be bragging about this to take advantage of fan interest, but Apogee would be C&D'ing them to keep the lawsuits focused.  I doubt this is it.

3)  It's Yet Another Online Hoax.  We gamers can fall for some pretty easy ones.  There is no real identifying information on the Facebook account, and the still appears to have been taken from the DN4 trailer released last May.  And even if not, anyone with reasonable Shop skillz can make a convincing fake mock-up, especially with so much of the in-game art and designs released by staffers looking to drum up work.

My money's on the hoax.  DN4 is dead, folks.  You need to let this go.
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