Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

File This Under, "Well, You Asked For It"

We professional pranksters usually avoid doing things on April Fools' Day.  Just like how professional drinkers sit out New Years and St. Paddy's Day, there are too many amateurs out there mucking things up.  AFD is a favorite of virus writers, and a new one is coming out, Conficker.  Now in its third variant (collect 'em all, and redeem for valuable prizes!), no one knows what it is going to do when D-Day hits on April 1, only that all infected machines will go zombie and connect to a remote computer on the 'net to receive instructions.  The first version had a list of 250 possible sites, which got snapped up or shut down by ICANN and security folks.  Conficker C, however, has 50K sites it will search when it goes active.  M$ has offered a quarter-million dollar bounty for the writer of the virus.  So far, no leads.

You all know what I'm about to say next.

This wouldn't happen if they ran Linux.
Tags: computers, foss, important life lessons, linux, open source, technology is a beautiful thing
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