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Hey, There! There Goes The Spider-Man Launch Date!

So, Sony is all excited to be working on Spider-Man 4 & 5 (I guess I'm in the minority, I thought 3 was great.  Admitting this got me dogpiled by the coders).  Sam Raimi is back.  Tobey McGuire is back.  Everything is going well, and Spidey 4 is set for a May 6, 2011 launch date.  Marvel was looking at a gangbuster summer, as Thor was scheduled to open May 20.

Well, that was then.  Raimi apparently is digging in his heels.  His favorite Spider-Man villain is the Vulture.  He wanted him in 3, but Sony overrode him and put Venom in instead, the idea being that, with the Spidey deal finished, this could keep the franchise going.  Raimi said the script was being worked on and was mum about the villain(s), but smart money was on the Vulture.

Sony doesn't want the Vulture.  Raimi is pissed.  Production was supposed to start later this month, but without even knowing who the set villains are, they can't even get a screenplay, let alone start production (they could shoot around the lack of script, like Transformers 2 did, but considering how that turned out, I don't blame everyone for saying no).  Hope was held out that things could be smoothed over and production could begin on schedule.


The launch date for Spidey 4 has been postponed, and Thor is getting pushed up to May 6 to kick off the summer movie season.  There are doubts Spidey 4 will even make the 2011 window.  Shuffling the dates around like this pretty much is proof of that.

So the next Spidey movie is on hold.  And Thor is coming out earlier.  Sorry, I'd rather it be the other way around.
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