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Shooter For The Moon

One of the truisms about courtroom procedings is that you can say nearly anything you want when ramping up a lawsuit.  This is why there can be all this hyperbole about wrongfully accused and so on (Like Steve Dallas said in a practice session, "The video tapes are rigged, the witnesses are corrupt, the prosecutors are Nazi drunkards, and my client was framed!").  But, when you go to trial, you better be able to back up all the bullshit you said.

I wrote before about Jim Shooter and the lawsuit Valiant Entertainment filed against him.  Bombshell that it was, I wanted to wait and see the response from Shooter and his people before deciding what side I'm coming down on.

Well, Valiant lodged the lawsuit and had 120 days to serve it to Shooter.


Not a peep.

I don't mean from Shooter.  Valiant never server the papers before time expired.

Why?  What is going on behind the scenes?

It could be simply that Valiant couldn't prove any of the allegations they made, which seems odd, given how relatively easy it would be to follow a trail.  Maybe there was a confidential settlement.  I don't know.  I just find it hard to believe there wasn't some truth to what Valiant says, not only based on Shooter's previous behavior, but also because you don't go out on a limb like that without expecting some sort of result.

The first Jim Shooter Dark Horse comic will be a Solar/Magnus title, released for Free Comic Book Day.  I wasn't much of a Shooter fan to begin with, when all I knew him from was his writing.  The mechanations I'm sensing only makes me want to avoid the series that much more.
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