Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Hooray, Utah!...Wait...What?

Jack Thompson, for those not familiar with him, is a gung ho lawyer and the video game industry's version of Dr. Righteous.  Convinced that video games are responsible for the moral decline of our youth (but existing in a world where no one can successfully pull a "Seduction Of The Innocent" again), Lightning Jack has done his level best to present gamers and game creators as people trying to erode moral standards so that their hyper-violent fantasies like Grand Theft Auto can happen in real life.  I don't really bother to address his arguments myself, as they are so oversimplified that anyone with a working knowledge of history and a minimum of fifteen neural synapses can shoot him down.  As you may have guessed from that description, politicians listen to him very closely.

In Utah recently, Thompson helped draft a bill to keep violent video games out of kids' hands in the state.  It sailed through the state Congress.  Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. vetoed it, saying that it was unConstitutional and too broad and infringed on people's rights.  God bless you, Mr. Huntsman.

It goes back to committee now, but it's nice to know there's a politician out there who actually understands the liberties that gave rise to this nation.
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