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Pat Robertson Is Just Trying To Make Christians Look Bad

Calvin:  Do you think the Devil makes man do bad things?
Hobbes:  I'm not sure man needs the help.

This is why I tend to hang out more with atheists and agnostics than fellow Christians.  THEY don't say stupid shit like this.  Although, I once described televangelists as the pro wrestlers of religion (I even did a quick skit about it once, complete with Ric Flair "Whoo"s.  I couldn't do a passable Randy Savage).

First, the Hatian earthquake is a tragedy, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the country.  I haven't given any money yet because 9/11 taught me a good lesson about "charity" organizations that were taking advantage of people seeking to donate money and pocketing the cash for themselves.  I know enough about groups like the United Way to know that giving my money to just anyone doesn't mean people are getting the best help, and a lot of charities are only interested in photo-ops of how wonderful they are instead of philathropy.  So I'll contribute after I get hard data about who is really doing what they say they'll do.  And MTV and George Clooney's telethon will not be on my TV at all.

(I have often said that, if you take any line of reasoning you have far enough, sooner or later, you become a hypocrite.  There will be some line you don't want to cross that contradicts whatever belief you are espousing.  I mention this because there is one charity organization that I gladly support every chance I get -- the Salvation Army.  Yes, I know they ban gays and all that.  However, they are also one of the few national charity organizations that genuinely cares for poor people.  So I give them money and refrain from picking on them.  If they were handling part of the Hatian relief, I'd give in a heartbeat.)

Every culture has their legends, and Haiti is no exception.  Jean Jacques Dessalines led the Haitian revolution about the French Army.  According to legend, Satan disguised himself as a voodoo deity and Dessalines entered into a pact in exchange for military victory, which finally happened in 1803.  Everyone with me so far?  That's good!

So here comes Pat Robertson, who claimed the Lord told him to run for President in 1988.  This dipshit said on his 700 Club that the earthquake is payback for the deal in 1803.  He says other island nations in the region are doing well economically, but Haiti isn't because it was cursed by God when the French were overthrown.  Yeah, there's proof that God loves you -- He'll drop an earthquake almost 200 years later as a gotcha.

Why, oh why do people insist on behaving this way?  There is a tragedy with a death toll likely to hit seven digits and concerns about helping the people instead of just propping up the government while the citizens die.  THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO TALK ABOUT LEGENDS AND USE THEM TO PROP UP YOUR PERSONAL RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!!!  Show some heart, will ya?

"You don't have to be a six-footer, you don't have to have a great brain."  Folks, Exhibit A.

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