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Calling FFX-2 "Yuna Raider" Might Have Been Prophetic

Eidos Interactive has been around for a long time, and made their mark on the video game world with the release of "Tomb Raider".  Their fortunes have been a bit hit and miss lately.  Despite taking TR away from Core because they refused to evolve the game with the times (and the obscene difficulty of some parts of the game) and giving it to Crystal Dynamics who successfully revived it (fun fact:  one of the guys on staff at CD was one of the members of 90's new wave band Information Society), the last game did solidly but not enough.

Square Enix has been looking to expand its game line-up.  They've figured out they can't really do anything but RPG's.  With the exception of Final Fantasy X-2, all their attempts to make games in genres other than the FF/Dragon Warrior line-up have failed miserably (note to those who were pissed about "Yuna Raider"...I like shojo, I liked X-2, so suck my dick).  Okay, there is the Tactics strategy line-up, but when I run into the games' cheating, I kind of stop playing....

The easiest way to expand your line-up is to acquire someone already doing what you want to do, and doing it successfully.  Square Enix made a play for Eidos, offering $120 mil for the company (that works out to $0.46 per share, almost three times what the stock is currently doing).  Didn't take much convincing, 85% of the stockholders approved it.

Things are now in neutral until April 21.  That is when Eidos' individual shares are delisted.  On April 22, Eidos becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Square Enix.
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