Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

This Looks Like A Job For Billy Mays!

NASA is selling off their old space shuttles.  Originally, the asking price was $42 mil each.  Now, they've turned on the blue light.  You can have the Atlantis or the Endeavor for only $28.8 mil.  That includes delivery to your climate-controlled storage facility.  Truly trying to make a killer sale in a down economy.  Expected delivery was in 2012, but has been bumped up to 2011.  Just in time for Christmas!  Think fast -- you only have until Feb 19 of this year to put in your request.

There are rumors that the Enterprise, the shuttle prototype that tested re-entry flight but never made it into space, might also be up for grabs.  Discovery is already heading for the Smithsonian.

Also, they have so many space shuttle engines, they're giving them away!  The main engines were originally going for $400K to $800K two years ago, but now, if you're willing to pick them up and put them together yourself, you can have them free!

I am mechanically inclined (my parents are constantly buying interesting exercise equipment and getting me to put them together for them.  They pay me with a bag of Oreos.  Considering how progressively harder each one gets, I'm holding out for Rice Krispie treats next time).  Like Eric Idle said on Monty Python, "Guaranteed to break the ice at parties."
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