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How Capitalism Works -- Find A Need And Fill It

The genius of man has combined humanitarian aid for the earthquake victims in Haiti with epic levels of snark.

An eBay seller calling himself "johnnyvoodoo" is selling a Pat Robertson voodoo doll.  This is actually his third attempt to sell it -- his first auction was to have 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross.  They wanted no part of it.  His second attempt was 100% of the proceeds for Habitat For Humanity, which was also scuttled (HFH gets a lot of fundamentalists as stumpers, so them not wanting anything to do with a voodoo doll is not a surprise).  Now, his third attempt is that 100% of the funds goes to Doctors Without Borders.  As I write this, there is almost eight days left on the auction, 43 bids, $710.

You pull a "non-paying bidder" routine at your own risk....
Tags: just desserts, religion
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