Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Failbus Always Needs Drivers

This is a tough economy, and everyone needs a job to make ends meet.  Well, get ready for a whole bunch of openings.

It seems that July of this year will see a new federal law take effect.  All CDL truck drivers are going to be evaluated over a 36 month period.  If you are found to be unsafe due to racking up multiple tickets and such, you will not be allowed to drive.  Basically, you get pulled from your Kenworth and are put in the party van.

Now, this effects ALL professional truck drivers.  That means you union folks.  That means you construction folks (I'm very curious how the road construction crews with their political connections wiggle out of this one).  It is estimated that roughly 175,000 drivers currently on the road will be ineligible once July rolls around.

Oh, and you can bet carriers are waiting.  With fewer truckers, they will suddenly be able to demand a higher price for their services thanks to supply and demand.

It's a growth industry, folks....
Tags: news, politics
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