Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Someone's Nervous At The Poker Game

We FOSS advocates have been ready for this day, when we take on a broken patent system that is used as an anti-competitive weapon.  Thanks to M$ trying to push TomTom around, the FAT patent (which was stolen from the CP/M days) is about to go bye-bye.  M$ claims that Linux infringes on more than 200 M$ patents, and the FAT file system is the best they can do?

90% of business patents have gotten the thumb.  Medical companies are feeling heat from consumers over being forced to pay outrageous prices.  The PUBPAT program that lets people explore and produce prior art to keep the USPTO from issuing redundant and/or invalid patents is a huge success.  Patent reform is gaining real steam in America.  Several bills are pending in Congress to address patent problems.

Senators Arlen Spector, Orrin Hatch, and Dianne Feinstein are urging the warring sides to try to work things out and come up with a compromise.

Hey, Establishment!  You blinked!
Tags: computers, digital rights, foss, haven't we suffered enough, infernal gall, linux, open source, patent law, politics, technology is a beautiful thing
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