Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

"It's Fun To Eulogize The People You Despise As Long As You Don't Let Them In Your School"

Wheatland High and Wheatland West Elementary in Wyoming are among 25 schools participating in a "No Place For Hate" campaign spreading across that state and Colorado.

Among the decorations was a banner declaring the schools were "No Place For Hate."

Each banner listed the names of sponsors who help fund the campaign.

One entry is the Gay And Lesbian Fund for Colorado.

The school board ordered the banners taken down, and the board and parents are refusing to allow the banners back up because they say the banners are pushing a pro-homosexual agenda.

I'm off to the store for some irony before these idiots use up the world's supply.
Tags: news, politics, stupidity, wtf
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