Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Wow...So He Was The Best Choice, Huh?

For the primaries, I grabbed a Republican ballot.  So I can honestly say I had nothing whatsoever to do with this.

Good news -- the D's candidate for gov has been decided.  Hynes conceded, so Pat Quinn is the nominee.  Poor guy is really taking a beating for his tax proposals and association with former gov Blago.  So he could really use some good news.

Too bad.

The winner of the D's nod for lite gov is Scott Lee Cohen, who got a major push from Dick Mell, one of the major cogs in the Illinois political Machine.  He beat out five other candidates, four of them state legislators (Mell's endorsement and stumping makes me automatically suspicious).  He's a millionaire, and made his money as a pawnbroker.  He invested $2 mil of his own money in his campaign.  Although, just two months ago, his ex-wife was claiming that he owed her 9 months child support, totaling $54,000 for their four kids.

She sought an order of protection against him in 2005.  Happened after Cohen got picked up by the fuzz for domestic battery.  Court filings for the divorce have his wife claiming he tried to force her to have sex and that he was on the juice.  He admits that last one, that he was taking steroids.  The formerly happy couple are making joint television appearances trying to do some damage control to all this.  She says he isn't like that anymore.

The official line from the party is they are waiting to see how the situation evolves before deciding whether or not to ask him to resign the nomination.  Thank you for being so ethical.  What's smacking your spouse around when you're trying to retain political control of the state?
Tags: news, politics, stupidity, wtf
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