Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

How DARE You Accuse Us Of Being Sick!

It's not enough for me to simply post this, I'm going to shoot back.  Granted, I know a lone blogger on LiveJournal isn't going to have much impact, but I view this as stupidity and I have to respond.

Okay, remember my post about prostitot Noah Cyrus and her Pedobear-approved lingerie line for kids?  Well, supposedly, every single news source in the world reporting this has gotten it wrong.  Annie Dugourd is from Ooh La La Couture and went on CNBC (no, Chris Hansen didn't conduct the interview) to complain about how everyone is jumping to conclusions, that Noah and her BFF Emily Grace and not designing what you think they are designing, it's just a line of tutus, which Emily already has a line of for sale at OLLC.  "It's been devastating for our little company.  We're two stay-at-home moms who make tutu dresses.  We would never do anything inappropriate."

And at this point, Graham Chapman as the Colonel comes in and says, "Stop it, this has gotten too silly."

Now, I know they don't really care about the opinion of a lone Polish misanthrope hanging out on the Internet.  Hell, if they even know I exist, I'll be shocked.  But I have trouble buying their story, this smells like, "Holy shit!  Start spinning to get the mob off our backs!"  So, under the assumption that this is just a colossal misunderstanding (2 to the power of 100,000 to 1 against and rising) I'm going to give them some free advice.

1)  If you are truly selling tutus, it might help if they weren't called "lingerie."  Except for certain fetish elements, tutus are not lingerie.  Considering every other news source reporting on this said it was lingerie, you might want to fire whoever writes your press releases.

2)  Considering the public displays Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace have put on, like the pole dancing pic, if you don't want people to think you are creating inappropriate clothes for kids, you might not want to partner with kids who wear inappropriate clothes.

3)  If you don't want people thinking it is lingerie for kids, you might not want one of the designers, the still in single digits Emily Grace, to conduct an interview about it while wearing fishnets.

4)  You also might want to think twice about involving a girl whose dad only enables the questionable behavior of his daughters (look at the excuses and defenses Billy Ray Cyrus puts up for Miley).

5)  A faster response to try to correct misconceptions would help.  This story has been floating out there for a while, and you're only responding now?

6)  If you really thought that you could mix these elements together and no one would react the way they did, there is a medical term for your condition.  It's called "rectal/cranial inversion".

So, here's a pic of the poor misunderstood girls with their tutus.

Nope, nothing Roman Polanski about this at all.  I don't know how me and the rest of the world could have ever jumped to the conclusion that we did....
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, important life lessons, news, stupidity, wtf
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