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As Captain Everything Said, "Superheroes NEVER Stay Dead For Very Long."

So, let's review....

Spider-Girl originally appeared in a one-shot story looking at a possible future timeline for Peter Parker and Mary Jane after they had gotten married.  The story got fans talking, and Spider-Girl was rewarded with a mini.  Which then became a regular series.  It sold well, but not only was it always on that line of whether or not to get canceled, but it shows a happily married to Mary Jane Peter Parker, which just doesn't sit well with Marvel's current EIC Joe Quesada.  The book wasn't just a Big Stiff Middle Finger in that regard.  It was THE longest running Marvel comic with a female superhero as the lead, leaving She-Hulk in the dust.  In fact, aside from Wonder Woman, she is the longest running female superhero comic in history.  Fans loved that Spider-Girl wasn't depicted as seductive, she was depicted as heroic -- you followed her adventures and pulled for her.  The fact that she was a hot chick was a detail, not the focus (the crew on Power Girl could learn a thing or two from this).  You can tell by the relative dearth of Rule 34 with Spider-Girl -- it's out there, but it is extremely small, especially compared to the other Marvel women.  It has been said that one cannot swing one's dead cat without hitting Rule 34 of Rogue or Supergirl or Power Girl or Black Cat...  Spider-Girl was handled in a way that kept her from just being fap material.  And, as the stories were heroic, she wasn't some black outlook character so in vogue at the moment with Dark Reign and that.  She was hope.  She was inspiration.  She was truly a superhero.

Marvel had tried on numerous occasions to cancel the series.  Each time, the Spider-Girl fans united and demanded it be saved.  Usually, Marvel will cancel a series and that's the end of that, but the Spider-Girl fans got their attention every time and series continued to run.  Last year, Marvel thought they had a way to get rid of the series without alienating the fans.  They reworked a Spider-Man book and Spider-Girl became a back-up series.  So, she wasn't really canceled.  She was just another Marvel second-tier character.  Another supporting character, like the Marvel Divas.

Well, that idea's shot to hell.  Marvel has announced that Spider-Girl is getting her own book back.  I wonder if they'll keep the number, or start it over at #1?

And somewhere in the Marvel building, Joe Quesada does his best Freddy Krueger and screams, "WHY WON'T YOU STAY DEAD?!?"
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