Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

I Won't Let This Become A Habit

Okay, I do enjoy some fanfics.  Most of them are garbage (My Immortal is a great example of this), but some are okay and downright enjoyable.  However, I don't like the concept of "fannon" and I usually avoid discussion that involve OTP (One True Pairing, for those not up on the lingo).

But I'm going to step over this line for once.

As is obvious from the icon, I am a StarFox fan.  And lately, I've been seeing fan art pairing off Krystal with Falco.  Bad enough Nintendo dicked up Krystal's characterization in Command, and still reminds everyone of it in Brawl.  But that at least is a result of game continuity.  Krystal with Falco is just plain incorrect.  Not wrong -- the slash involving Krystal and Kursed is wrong.  Krystal and Falco is incorrect.

Just getting that off my chest.
Tags: did not do the research, fandom wank, haven't we suffered enough, stupidity, video games, wtf
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