Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

On Second Thought, Taxation WITH Representation Ain't So Hot, Either

One of my co-workers, last year, redid her W-4 forms to have an additional $80 taken out of each paycheck.  That's in addition to what she already has being deducted.  Each year, she gets a tax return in the $3,000+ range.

Today, she comes into the office, face red with rage.  Her tax preparer informed her that the stimulus bill that Obama railroaded through Congress and that nobody, D’s or R’s, tried to examine before voting, lowered the tax tables to help spur the economy.  She’s getting $18 back this year.  If she hadn't readjusted and had the additional $80 taken out of each check, she'd owe the IRS this year.  Another co-worker who usually gets $4,000 a year owes $42 to the IRS this year.  Obama wants to help the middle class.  Yeah, sure looks that way to me.  These are the same idiots who say people like me are hurting the economy because we are using our money to pay off debt and save up money instead of going further in the hole.  We can barely afford the taxes now, how would we do it if we were spending as loosely as they expect us to?!?

And, in addition to, on top of that, this year, the tax tables went back to what they were last year.  NOBODY in my work’s human resources department had been told this.

At least our tax dollars are helping those banks too big to fail to stay afloat and its not going to those banks too small to let survive.  I think I could use one of those drinks Nancy Pelosi has on her plane trips.  We are paying for them, after all.
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, news, politics, wtf
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