Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Peter G's Stupid Fun Time -- Sad Songs Say So Much

There's a meme going around, asking what you pole dancing song would be.

Now, I have never considered pole dancing (why?  Because I'm pear shaped, that's why).  And I don't know what makes a good pole dancing song.

However, I do know what makes a BAD pole dancing song.

I no longer remember where I saw it, but I recall a forum that asked for the worst pole dancing/stripper songs.  Among the ones that made me howl were:

From A Distance ("God is waaaaaaatching uuuuuuuus...")

The theme from Jaws

Anyone else want in?  Name some songs that, if you found out a stripper or pole dancer would be doing their routine to them, you'd run out the door.
Tags: art
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