Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Wow! Another Marvel To Add To My Pull List!

I have commented that I'm not surprised by the lack of appearances by cult fav Squirrel Girl in the Marvel Universe lately.  She simply has no place in the grim and gritty Civil War etc. world.

Well, still no Squirrel Girl.  However, Marvel did announce that, when Siege wraps up, there will be several new and rebooted series.  Pepper Pots is getting her own Iron Armor, for example.  That, however, is nothing to me.  One of the titles announced was Thor And The Warriors Four.  So, who are the Warriors Four?

Today, I came across the cover for issue #2, and I guess this answers that question:

I hope and pray the Simonsons are involved in this some way....
Tags: art, comic books, comics
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