Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Making Religion Work For You!

A special announcement came over the squawk today.  Tomorrow, there would be pizza for the office building.  And EVERYBODY is expected to participate.

This is bad for me.  There are a few coworkers that I despise.  I would sooner eat glass than break bread with them.  And I have to sit with them at lunch and be pals....

Wait!  No, I don't!

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, kicking off Lent.  Your average Christian goes without eating meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays during Lent.  I, however, fast during the day on Ash Wednesdays and Lent.  My teacher (who also fasts, I might note) told me all I had to do to make Lenten obligations was skip meat.  I pointed out to her that I know how to cook.  And I can do just fine with seafood and meatless dishes.  In short, Lent is about sacrifice, and going without meat isn't much of a challenge for me.  But fasting?  THERE'S a challenge!  THERE'S a sacrifice!  THERE'S what I need to do!  It's nice to know, if things get bad, I can fall back on eating fruit and such, but if I can pull off a fast, I'm gonna do it.

I suddenly remembered that tomorrow, the big pizza day, is Ash Wednesday.  Everyone at work is aware that I fast during both Lents (Roman and Greek, and thank God they coincide this year).  So I not only have an excuse not to sit in, but if pushed, I can claim 1st Amendment rights.  Companies get really nervous on the subject of infringing someone's liberties.  So, I just need to put in an appearance, applaud, and then I go back to other stuff.

The rumble in my tummy will never have felt so good....
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, important life lessons, just desserts, religion
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