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Peter G

It's Just A Jump To The Left, And Then A Step To The Wriiiiiiiite....

I just noticed something.

As a comic fan who got his start during the black and white boom, I remember the Image Explosion.  I didn't realize at the time what was really going on -- a bunch of people who got their start in the indie field returning to the indie field instead of furthering the old boy network at the major publishers.  Most of the complaints about what the Image crew was doing came from people who rose up through the old system and couldn't understand why they couldn't just do their superheroes for already established companies.  I firmly believe that the schism that formed in the professional community was, for lack of a better phrase, a generation gap.

But, oh, was there much pissing and moaning.  The problem, according to some, was summed up in the name of the company -- Image.  The comics looked glossy and had great art, but no real storytelling.  They bemoaned Image as proof that the comic industry was heading to Hell in a handbasket, where substance didn't matter as much as flash did.

I bring this up because, who are the big names in comic right now?

Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis.


I'm not going to dwell on how many of the complaints about Image books (all flash, no substance) can be applied to their super-de-duper crossover stories.  But the fact is, everyone is hanging on everything they do, even with outside media like movies.

Just like people did the Image crew all those years ago.

And what of Image?

Image United, with all the Image creators drawing their own characters into what is basically a jam comic book, only sold a quarter of the copies Blackest Night did.

In short, the revolution people complained about, where writers are better known than artists, has happened.

I guess they're just too tired from dancing in the streets to make any noise.  Give it a few years -- the pendulum should start swinging the other way sooner or later.  When it does, don't complain.  There's no point.  Just give it time.  Just be sure you can live up to your, "If I were in charge" fantasies when the day comes....
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