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So I've started a new Project X.  I know, no sooner do I get one massive experiment in the can than I start on another.

This Project X is a little different, though.  It's prose.  I'm writing a collection of short stories.  Sure, I'd love to see them get published (especially by a small publisher), but I have to get them done first.  I had some initial doubts, but I think I'll move forward with it and see what happens.

Part of the reason for my misgivings is that it is prose.  I haven't written prose in something like a couple of decades, or damn close to it (I wrote a novel, it never went anywhere, and I still have it, unsure what to do with it).  Or at least, it was.  Simon And Shuster had a Star Trek -- Strange New Worlds competition, where you were to write a New Trek short story.  Winners got published in a Strange New Worlds anthology, and the top three got some cash.

I had forgotten about it.  It was around the time Peter David's New Frontier Trek series started.  I came up with something, wrote it worked it over...I thought it turned out pretty well.  Obviously, I failed out.  Otherwise, I would be bragging about it being my first published credit instead of it getting lost in the cobwebs of my mind.

Part of me is wondering what hard drive on the seven various computers I own the story is hiding out on.  No doubt saved in a proprietary format, too.  But if I find it, I'm not sure what I would do with it.  I'm not much of a fanfic'er, and that's basically what this is (if it was published, it would have that Official stamp of approval).  And I'm curious how it reads, especially compared to my stuff now.

See, here's the thing a lot of people don't get...writing different things requires different muscles.  Writing a movie is different from a TV show from a comic strip from a comic book from....  Just because you are good at writing one thing does not necessarily mean you can be good at writing in a completely different realm with different requirements.  I know better than to think, just because I know what I'm doing with comic book scripts, that I can write a collection of short stories.

Still, it seems I've made my mind up.  I have six stories started, and two of them have been completed.  And my mind drifts to that Star Trek story...



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Mar. 6th, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC)
That's awesome you're tackling a short story collection. Is there a unifying theme?
Mar. 6th, 2010 11:28 pm (UTC)
Yes, there is. There's a central character the stories follow. She's sort of lawyer in a fantasy realm. Still working out some of the details, so I'm not quite comfortable discussing the nuts and bolts yet. I went through something similar with the unpublished sci-fi series Genotype Prime, where every time I changed a detail of the "universe" it was taking place in, I had to go back over everything to make sure what I was doing was consistent. It took me ages just to have an overall story arc for the editor, and I was still rewriting it as I got to the final third of the issues. You can't have something work one way or be possible in one story and then not in another. That's just sloppy writing.
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