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They Never Heard You To Begin With

I have a cell phone.  Unlike most people, it isn't a status symbol.  I mean, I know people with four or five of them and like to show them off (no, I'm not counting iPhone users, those are gadgets and I can see why people would show those off).  Mine is a simple pay as you go phone.  It was originally through Cingular, and thanks to acquisitions, is now part of AT&T.  I don't use it very much.  Part of the joy of going out of the house is that I can't be reached by phone, so it gets emergency use or in case I'm trying to coordinate with meeting friends, and that's it.

I'm periodically approached by people in the mall trying to sell me a new cell phone and package.  The worst offenders in this regard are Verizon.  The people at their stand just don't quit.  One tried selling me a phone, saying I could send e-mails and such.  Part of the reason for Kylie, my IBM S10 netbook, is she has a near fully size keyboard I can actually touchtype with.  I go on waaaaaay too long with typing to make e-mailing from a cell phone practical.  How about surfing the Internet?  Well, I hate mobile sites, I don't like reading in Teeny Weeny Eye-Strain-O-Vision, and Kylie has a full blown Linux distro running on her, so literally, any site like YouTube, I can go to.  Can't do that with a cell phone.  Yeah, so I need a hot spot to get on the 'net.  That wasn't a big concern for a long time, and now is even less of a concern now that Micky D's has wifi everywhere.

But the biggest reason is because it is Verizon.  I'm sorry, but I refuse to deal with a company that cannot handle basic math.  Most people I know can't wait to get out of their Verizon contracts.  But there are some who tell me Verizon isn't so bad and I'm just listening to the wrong people.

Not quite.

Cynthia Lacy lives in Treasure Island, FL.  Her father in Calvin, WV recently passed away.  It fell to her to help finish things up, and among them was calling Verizon to cancel his phone service.  She needed to close up the phone to settle the estate and clear things for the new owners of her dad's house.

Verizon refused to.  They said she needed her dad's PIN in order to do it.

Lacy sent them a copy of her dad's death certificate.  Verizon still refused to cancel it.  "Well, there's nothing else I can do for you," the phone rep said.  He then laughed and hung up.

Lacy eventually complained to the media.  Her local paper has one of those "We'll help you with a consumer problem if we can get some good column inches out of it" features.  After several calls from them and a write-up of Lacy's troubles, Verizon finally sprang into action and canceled the account.  Bob Elek is a spokesman for Verizon.  He said the rep did not handle the case properly (NO SHIT!) and he has been written up and given coaching.  Yeah.  That'll teach 'im.  "The account in question has been discontinued and backdated to Sept. 1," Elek said. "The daughter will receive a credit/refund for the months she paid since September."

I've always hated phones.  They just make it too easy.  And make sure you have those PIN numbers where someone can find them if something happens to you.
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