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Fan Art Central

I've been meaning to post this stuff for a while.  These are some fan art pieces of characters I've created by other fine fine people.

Okay, first up, here's a sketch of Rhapsody and Melody from Sound Waves, done by indie comic survivor, boss DJ, and all around swell guy Paul Sizer (Little White Mouse, BPM, Moped Army)....

Next, we have a sketch of Melody from Sound Waves by Dwayne Biddix, the penciler and co-creator of The Supremacy....

And now, a pair by an old friend of mine, Susan Van Camp.  She's proof that not all furries hate Stress Puppy.  Holly is her favorite character because of her attitude and her coffee addiction (as seen in Java Development) is nearly equal to her own.  She's done Tales From The Aniverse and Varcel's Vixens, but her chief claim to fame is the paintings she does for Magic: The Gathering cards.  Here are her takes on Raff and Holly from Stress Puppy....

I think she captured the intelligence and attitudes of the characters very well.
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