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For Those Of You Keeping Track Of Faith-Based Initiatives....

Stop me if you heard this one:

Six year old Timmy is taking a bath when he discovers his balls.  He goes up to his mom and asks, "Mommy, are these my brains?"

She responds, "Not yet, dear."

We are judged by who we associate with.  This means that, just as good things can come from the association, so can bad.  I am hesitant to mention that I'm a Christian because people lump me with intolerant Bible-thumpers who use Scripture to justify their hatred and intolerance.

Really, Peter?  Like what?  Give us an example of this smooth-lobed religious intolerance you are so upset about.

Well, since you asked....

Bristol, VA is the site of the latest round of stupidity.  There are some anonymous people there who are handing out leaflets with the title across the top, "Women & Girls".  One of the pamphleteers told a 19 year old girl working at a burger joint, "Even though nothing is showing, you’re being ungodly.  You make men want to be sinful."  The pamphlet proper starts off with, "You may have been given this leaflet because of the way you are dressed.  Have you thought about standing before the true and living God to be judged?"  It basically posits that the sins of men are partly the fault of women for being such temptresses that men can't resist.

I love that implication.  Men, this powerful, dominant gender ordained by God to be the rulers of family and nation, are too weak to keep the little head from thinking for the big head.  But this isn't the fault of the men, it's the women exploiting them, even if they don't realize they are doing so.  Do religions ever get tired of blaming women for the downfall of man and society?  (Oh, and on a related note:  EVE WAS FRAMED!!!)

But the Mount Everest of moronosity in this Himalaya of horseshit is this passage on page 2:  "
Scripture tells us that when a man looks on a woman to lust for her he has already committed adultery in his heart. If you are dressed in a way that tempts a men to do this secret (or not so secret) sin, you are a participant in the sin.  By the way, some rape victims would not have been raped if they had dressed properly. So can we really say they were innocent victims?"

Yup, ladies.  If you like being beautiful or sexy, you're asking for it.  Actually, since rape is about power and not sex, that means the rapist is mentally unhinged and almost anything can trigger the attack.  So best not to leave your homes where you might accidentally inspire some man to commit criminal assault...oh, sorry.  Be sinful.

What's really stupid is that these people act like women are a huge threat.  And yet, they are still repopulating.  If women are that bad, shouldn't you be single and running from anything with XX chromosomes?

There is a glimmer of hope in all this. 
The Northstar Christian Church is served by the Rev. Bill Houch.  Among the more choice quotes from an e-mail he wrote regarding the pamphlet.

"It is this type of thinking that would cause a woman not to report being raped and to somehow think it is her fault.”

“As a Christian, a father and a husband, that is a horrific statement. The rapist is wrong period.”

“I was surprised the article did not reference Peter 3. Many of the same ideas are put forth. Here, it gets to the crux of the issue where the Bible says that a lady’s lifestyle should be focused more on the inner person than the outward clothing. This is why, while I agree with ‘modest’ dress, there is so much more to this issue."

"If I choose to sin, that's my choice."

Houch also mentioned that he showed the pamphlet to his 19 year old daughter who is in college.  She asked why the pamphlet doesn't mention how men should dress.  I like her.  It's reassuring to know there are Christians who see this for the stupidity and thought policing it is and are willing to call people on it.
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