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Three To Get Ready

...and here comes health care reform again.

Once again, Congress and Obama are trying to push through a bill that will perpetuate a broken system and stick taxpayers with money they don't have now instead of creating competition and administering much needed tort reform.  When I was a kid, my parents didn't have health insurance.  They paid the doctor cash.  And it was affordable.  Costs didn't start rising until HMO's started popping up and insurance companies locked doctors into networks.  The system exists to make more money for the insurance companies, and the proposal to mandatory insurance for everyone by creating a special protected market to sell plans in will only make them more money.  At our expense.  Not the trial lawyers.  They don't have to give up a thing.

The current plan to get this done is to have the House pass the Senate's bill from last year.  You know, the one that criminalizes you if you don't want to participate in the money pit.  Then, they would draft a second "fix it" bill, which would be merged with the original, then Obama would sign it.  There is already talk of putting aid for student loans in the second bill, which will only make the cost go up.  This also means, should the second bill not make it, the first bill from the Senate with the mandatory insurance can be signed into law as both houses have passed it.

Obamacare is in serious trouble right now.  Despite trying to strongarm every D to support the bill, there is apparently enough resistance in the ranks to put it in doubt.  You can tell, because Obama has gone on the news urging voters (yes, the 83% of the population that opposes the bill) to prod lawmakers to pass it.  When politicians reach out to the public instead of their insider connections, things are bleak.  Pelosi went on TV, urging lawmakers to vote for Obamacare despite the threat of being voted out, basically throwing themselves into the gears of the machine for the glory of the revolution.  Obama has found an uninsured cancer victim that he can exploit like Joe The Plumber, turning her into a symbol he can use.  Obama urged voters to let Congress pass the bill and, if they don't like it, then vote Congress out.  Which still leaves us stuck with a bad bill.

With things like the Cornhusker kickback removed and some of the other deals going on ice (I'm waiting to see if they remove the provision that will stick Illinois with Nevada's costs, giving them a free ride.  Given that Obama is from Illinois, I'm not betting on it), forcing much needed Medicade reforms into the spotlight.  Abortion funding is threatening to go from smoldering to full blaze.

In Stress Puppy, I likened health care reform to a pony and an ice cream -- everybody wants a pony and an ice cream.  The problem is, HOW does everybody get the pony and the ice cream?  The biggest reforms that would have the best effect for the people are being ignored.  Illinois will still be without a neurosurgeon because the insurance costs are too high, so he'd have to be brought in from out of state.  There won't be an increase in doctors for years to cover the influx of cases.  And the trial lawyers will still be able to sue for the dumbest stuff instead of legitimate complaints.  This reform benefits everyone except the public that will be subjected to it.

They are trying to move fast before Obama takes off on an overseas trip.  For a bill they were supposed to have ready last Wednesday.  To help with a bill that was supposed to be through the Senate by Thanksgiving and went into the new year.  And with no public debate or proper examination.  But the delay moves this closer to the elections, which already have everyone in Congress scared.  This is going to be rough.
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