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Rock Around The Clock

My, time flies when you have to adjust for daylight savings!

With nothing really on the schedule for tonight, I asked Mornblade if he be up to getting together for some Rock Band.  Mornblade got a copy for his PS2 with a mic so he could practice singing.  His named his band the Irken Invasion.  So he's in two virtual bands, Irken Invasion and Swim Buddies.  Who does he think he is, Paul Carrack?

So we meet up, and start jamming.  Had to do the Drum Solo Of Life a couple of times, but that's to be expected -- we're getting into songs he's not really familiar with.  Except one.  I thought for sure he could handle Foreigner's "Feels Like The First Time."  Not quite.  And I nearly bombed out on one song.

While looking at the song Lump, I said I wanted to do it despite the difficulty.  If I don't push, I don't advance.  I had only played Lump one time before, and I just barely squeaked through it.  This time, nearly perfect playing.  So evidence suggests I'm getting better.

Two surprises happened when the game made unforseen substitutions.  We apparently unlocked two new songs, Round And Round by Ratt and Pinball Wizard by The Who.  Round And Round is a song I've only heard about three times in my life.  I was not much of a metal fan, so I avoided it when I could.  Coming in pretty green, I did well.  Pinball Wizard I was expecting to be tough.  I was, but I hobbled through it.

And then afterwards, we drank tea and watched Mighty Mouse.  Rebel rockers, that's us, all right.
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