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The Plot Thickens...

There's a "crew" of sorts that I hang out online with.  They sort of regard me as the dean of our political discussions.  They don't always agree with me, but they always get food for thought.  I'm usually sort of the referee.  There's die hard Dems, there's die hard Repubs, and me, anti-Establishment Libertarian that I am, am usually trying to keep things civil.

Naturally, Obamacare is the big discussion.  And they noticed I've been a bit quiet about it.  It's no secret I think Obamacare is a horrible idea that will probably collapse the health care system by 2020.  I don't like the vagueness.  It is asking to be abused.  And the fact that it criminalizes people who don't want to participate (plus sticks it to small and medium businesses who are paying enough in taxes and expenses, probably forcing them under since big companies will be the only ones that can really take the hit) doesn't sit well with me.

This prompted a rush by the R supporters.  "The R's are trying to save us from Obamacare."  You know...join us, don't be afraid, we are your friends.  However, I learned long ago that this is the problem with modern political thought.  People aren't really voting for someone, they are voting against someone.  It doesn't matter who they are voting for, as long as it's not whoever.  Hillary lost the D's nomination when Obama started running, giving people someone to vote for other than her.  Shrub vs. Kerry wasn't so much who people thought was the better candidate, but just that it wasn't the other guy they couldn't stand.

So Problem 1 is that, just because the R's are espousing a position that happens to coincide with mine, doesn't mean I support them or trust them to have my best interests at heart, it just works out we're in agreement.  Well, maybe.  That is Problem 2 -- politicians will switch stances in a heartbeat if it serves their purpose.  Here's a little proof for you -- Mitch Romney, the guy who was running for the R's nomination for Prez in the last election, had a health care plan that, if you read it, is an awful lot like Obamacare.  And yet, he insists it is totally different when asked why he is opposing a bill that is pretty much what he wanted.  The R's came up with a counter health plan proposal that supported abortion, which the R's supposedly oppose.  No reason is given, but one is implied -- we'll say and do anything to run this show.  So can you really trust the calls that they are the great defenders of the American people against a health care plan 83% of the populous opposes?

There's just one problem -- WHY are they doing it?  Not just why are they opposing, but why are they putting up such limp resistance?  There are so many ways to demonstrate Obamacare is a problem, but they are just saying its bad and leaving it at that.  Then they say they can't stop it because they can't cut deals to swing D votes their way.  Bullshit.  There are plenty of ways to stall the bill or tie it up in committee.  Trying to get the bill heard under budget rules to eliminate the filibuster doesn't matter.  It's pretty obvious they are counting on voter dissatisfaction to swing Congress their way in the upcoming elections, but it just didn't fill in enough gaps.  My stance on the R's was neutral because I didn't have an answer to that question of "Why are they doing things specifically this way?"

I think I figured it out.  The R's aren't just after control of Congress.  They are after a supermajority.

Obamacare passes.  D's get voted out.  R's take control of Congress.  They vote to repeal Obamacare.  But for the repeal to take effect, Obama has to sign it into law.  And we know there's no way he'll do that.  So the R's say at election time, "Vote enough of us in to override the President's veto!"  Then, they will "fix" Obamacare instead of repealing it (the health industry has lobbyists on both sides, I can guarantee they are working both sides of the aisle), changing rules and who benefits.  And Obama will be unable to stop them since they can override his veto.  So the broken bill with remain in place, but get worse.

I don't trust Obamacare.  But I trust the R's to represent the American people instead of their desire for control even less.  The R's are putting the finishing touches the golden calf they will present to voters this November.  Keep a very close eye on your wallets, this is going to get ugly.
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