Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Silvertongue Strikes Again....

Today at lunch, a few of the office women were discussing an e-mail one of them got.  It listed different folk remedies.  They wanted my input since I'm big on science to see if I could figure out if these things would really work (I'm guessing some folk remedies in the past didn't work too good).

Some were things I was able to handle quickly, such as a Listerine foot bath to eliminate toe fungus.  Pretty easy to see that working, Listerine is almost pure alcohol.  There are cheaper alternatives.  Use Elmer's glue to remove a splinter by covering the splinter with it, letting the glue harden, and then pulling the splinter out.

Then came this entry:  "Did you know you can cure a urinary tract infection with Alka Seltzer?"

My response:  How am I supposed to get the tablet up in there?

Dead silence as everyone just stared at me.  One finally broke the silence, saying, "If my husband asks me for that kind of help, I'm leaving!"
Tags: important life lessons, wtf
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