Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Pursuit Of Accidents

Front page news on Yahoo! -- it seems that the Wolverine movie coming out in about a month has already surfaced online.

Let's ignore the fact that this is being released on April 1, hmmm?

Supposedly, it is a nearly flawless copy of the movie from a workprint, and the MPAA and the FBI are investigating who leaked it.

Me?  I'm actually tempted to put my money on Fox for this one.

Here's the thing -- movies on the Internet before their release in theaters or on video or whatever happens all the time.  Except for films still in the middle of being cut, just about every blockbuster can be found with a little effort on Pirate Bay or whatever.

So, this happens all the time.  So what makes the Wolverine movie so newsworthy that you can find it online?

I'm sensing damage control at work.  The producer had promised a dark look at the history of Logan.  But supposedly the studio thought it was too dark and they wanted something a little more audience friendly.  Hugh Jackman went on the Internet, saying that the extra shoots were typical of movies and happen all the time.  People are wondering if Deadpool is going to derail things.  Are they making the movie lighter at the expense of the darkness and brooding that is pivotal to Logan's character?

Solution?  Leak the film so that the fanboys on the Internet who are always pirating this stuff will see it and talk it up, vouching for its quality.  This will reassure the general public that wants to see the movie legitimately that it's going to be good and keeps the opening weekend tally from tanking.

This has sort of happened before.  When footage of a season premiere of Desperate Housewives got leaked to YouTube, ABC and the production company complained about piracy and that they would find out who did it.  Well, it was a near final cut, complete with music and foley and everything.  It had to come from the editing room.  Turned out either the production company and/or ABC leaked it themselves and used the "Who leaked this?!?" to drum up publicity (I don't remember exactly how it turned out anymore, as I don't care about the show and would rather devote that part of my brain to retaining useful stuff.  Like the latest episode of Ashes To Ashes).

Given the uncertainty of the movie fans about the circumstances surrounding the final cut with a headline saying this movie can be found, in super high quality and from a near-complete version?  I think this is a concerted effort to shore up a possibly vanishing installed audience base, not an example of how the Internet is undermining the entertainment industry.
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