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Choices To Make

I'm looking over what I'm going to do for another comic show.  There are two shows coming up, both in June, and both exactly one week apart, and I only have enough money and stock to do one.

1)  Grayslake Comic Show.  This is the second comic show of the year put on by Zurko, who did the DuPage one last weekend (if it snows that weekend in June, I'm just going to fucking shoot myself).  It's a two day event, and they have a list of guests coming out for that as well.  But just the following weekend is....

2)  DucKon.  I've wanted to go to this for a lot of years because Illiad, the great guy who does the comic strip User Friendly, is always there.  Not this year, though.  My timing sucks.  It took forever just to get a response e-mail from them.  I guess they kind of keep things quiet until the convention starts rolling around.  Which figures.  This ain't a full time job for them.

DucKon raises money for literacy awards and shows.  It is ostensibly a sci-fi/fantasy con, but they have a very diverse guest list.  They have filkers (folk musicians with a sci-fi/fantasy bend), they have electronics projects.  Midwest FurFest, the Chicago-land furry convention, was generated from it -- DucKon started a furry track, and the participation became large enough it spun off into it's own con (which means I might need to leave the Stress Puppy stuff at home, as furries don't like the strip ;-)  ).  The convention board lists an actual Klingon Ambassador, which means Klingon Vs. Furry Bowling is a likely event (don't tell me I didn't do my homework about the furries).

I'm leaning towards DucKon.  DucKon will likely have more attendies, more people looking to buy new stuff, and could have a bigger impact on getting my work out.  I have two projects, Head Above Water and Sound Waves, that would fit perfect.  Head Above Water is existential fantasy, perfect for the regular crowd (I would make sure to bring the entire series with, even though it won't "officially" be complete until a month later).  Meanwhile, Sound Waves is perfect for the younger crowd.  DucKon specifically seeks out programming and events for the kiddies.  So I can hit both ends of the spectrum and maybe get a feel of some more stuff.  Hey, it's not like the comic community is helping me here.  There's also a large collection of computer geeks, so maybe I can unload some of those extra copies of Cloudburst (they have power drops, and only ask that you let them know you need one).  The only question, which I'm trying to dig up, is time.  The Grayslake show, you are required to be there both days from open to close.  DucKon, if I figure the day isn't going well or if I sell out of stock, will I have to stick it out?  The answer to that could be the final tilt.  DucKon is almost twice as expensive, so I'd have to move a lot of shit to make table.  But if the crowd is big enough, it could be easier to achieve that than at Grayslake.

Decisions, decisions....
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