Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Ugly Americans

I have some other bitches about the fallout from Obamacare and a Stress Puppy strip to put up, but they'll wait until later.

This can't.

Dear America,


What the fuck is this?!?  We don't like a law that was passed, and we're talking about assassinating them like some fucking banana republic?!?

Voting them out works!  Here's a bright idea -- how about running for office yourself?!?  Someone who represents the people instead of one of the Big Two political parties?!?  You know, be the change you want to see?!?

I am a patriot.  I love my country.  I have never made any apologies for my regionalistic emotionalism.  But this makes me ashamed to call myself an American.  We are responding to a bad bill with death threats.  This solves nothing and will plunge the debate into martyrdom.

I usually put faith in people instead of politicians.  Part of the reason The Clash is The Only Band That Matters was their message.  As punk degenerated into nihilism, The Clash's message wasn't "The system failed us, so screw it."  It was, "The system failed us, it is up to us to fix this."

The system failed us.  These death threats mean we are failing each other.  Get a fucking grip and do something positive, goddammit!

Peter G
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, important life lessons, news, politics, stupidity, wtf
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