Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

We Need All The Shining Lights We Can Get

Dick Giordano died.

Giordano worked at DC as an editor, an inker, all kinds of stuff.

This is actually really depressing.

See, in comics, everyone has a reputation.  Everyone talks smack.  Everyone gets into their little petty rivalry bitch fights for whatever reason, because of ego or background or whatever.  You don't have to look hard to find Dan DiDio being referred to as "Dan DilDio", for example.  Some deserve their bad reps, some just get them.


Pure as the driven snow.

I cannot find one bad thing said about him (and given the circles I run in, that's astounding).  The guy not only had no dirt, but he was a true gentleman.  He made everyone feel important and built them up.  He used his position to make others better, telling them anything they could want to know about the publishing business.  He succeeded and got things done with those rarest of human elements -- humility and cooperation.

Giordano was a true gentleman who didn't succeed at the expense of others.  So many people could learn from him, if they'd only bother.  It's really sad because no one really wants to be the next Giordano.  They want to be the next  Quesado or DiDio or something.  It saddens me, because another candle in the darkness has gone out.  And no one seems interested in lighting another.

Dick Giordano, rest in peace.
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