Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Junior Matlock Club -- Mugged? There's An App For That!

Just when it seems like the day is dreary and depressing, along comes some idiot to brighten up my day.  Yes, it's time for the Junior Matlock Club, where we look at criminals who really need to get into another line of work as they don't have the talent for a life of crime.  Now give me the oath!

"Now it is from little misdemeanors that major felonies grow.  And it is my duty -- it is ANYBODY'S duty -- to stop them before they get too far.  NOW THE LAW MUST BE UPHELD!"

And so, we take a trip to Pittsburgh, which, if you have an iPhone, you can find.  Actually, you can find lots of stuff in Pittsburgh with your iPhone.  Like the guy who just mugged you.

A guy was robbed at gunpoint, and among the things the criminal got was his iPhone.  The victim is complaining about this to his buddy, when his buddy reminds him that the iPhone has a built-in GPS feature.  He contacts the police, and they were able to find the phone and the guy who mugged him.

However, there is a downside to this -- AT&T sent the victim a bill for $22,000 in roaming charges.
Tags: computers, junior matlock club, stupidity, technology is a beautiful thing
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