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Once More With Feeling -- My Next Public Appearance Will Be June 12 And 13!

On June 12 and 13, Zurko Promotions is putting on their second comic book show of the year.  It's obviously a two day event, at the Grayslake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, Illinois.

And I'm going to have a table there.

Also showing up there will be Robert Z'dar.  Z'dar is an actor who has appeared in Maniac Cop, Tango And Cash, Mobsters, and Beastmaster.  He's also going to do a one hour "improve your acting" class (finally, the perfect gift for Paris Hilton) for $25, limited to 10 people, so get your reservations in now.  Also appearing there is Bill Reinhold, a pro inker with lots of stuff for the Big Two under his belt.  There's also colorist Linda Lessman Reinhold.  I'm guessing they know each other.  Scott Beaderstadt, the creator of Troll Lords, will be there.  Jim Mitchell, one of the greats from the underground comics explosion and the black and white boom, will also be there.  Z'dar is going to be part of a presentation with Cherokee Hall.  Hall is a B movie maker (I like him already).  He's just finished a new flick called Mountain Mafia, and he will be there with cast members Z'dar and Mike Holman (the TV show Jackass) to pimp it.  The flick also has Rupert Boneham (Survivor), Tiffany Shepis (any B movie fan worth their salt knows who she is), comedian Tim Wilson, WWE wrestler Al Snow, and Playboy Playmate Amy Hayes.

I've already talked with the organizers.  One thing I'm thinking might or might not help but certainly can't hurt is to get my name listed with the other pros who will be attending.  It puts what I'm doing out there, so people looking over the site will at least have the suggestion in their heads instead of just seeing me and having to make a snap decision at the show itself.  (Like my teacher says, life is a learning experience.)  I didn't allow myself to think about it last time, because I didn't think I really earned the right to call myself a pro.  But considering some people will just make an eight page doujinshi on a photocopier five years ago and act like that is enough to seat them at the grown-ups table (no, I'm not kidding), I think a guy doing a web comic for two and half years, two published comics, two more online comics, and a bunch of self-published projects has better qualifications.  Besides, when it comes to shameless self-promotion, I've got a long way to go before I hit Mark Millar levels.

Another thing I'm considering is that some of the local office supply stores offer digital prints at poster size.  I'm thinking of making a poster for Sound Waves, framing it, and putting it behind me to help draw the eye.  Some good ad copy, and it might get people's interest.  They can look and process the poster, hopefully breaking the ice.  At the last show, the other pros each had some sort of background display.  I got my tax return, so I have the cash.  One poster, one frame, one el cheapo easel to stand it on, let's see what happens.

"But, Peter!" I can hear some of you asking, "what about DucKon?"  Good question.  I've put those plans on ice for this year.  Here's the problem -- I contacted them and heard nothing back.  I wrote the con chair, and he replied while copying in two other people to see where I might fit in.  One of them responded, asking me to describe my comics.  I gave short descriptions of Sound Waves and Head Above Water.  That was two weeks ago.  Haven't heard anything since.  I don't want to dump on them.  After all, the con is getting closer and they are no doubt busy.  I'm just a bit dismayed that the communication has ceased.  I was planning on going as a guest anyway, so instead of shelling out $80 for a dealer table and $40 for a weekend pass (pass is not included in the table fees), I'll just swing by there as a guest one day.  It will enable me to gauge the con and see if I really would fit in there, and get to talk to the folks running it directly.  Basically, as far as DucKon goes, the O'hara Rule is in effect -- tomorrow is another day.

So, I'm going to summon the printer.  By the time the Grayslake Show hits, I will be up to issue #6 of Sound Waves (#5 kicks off a two part story, so the conclusion will be available by that time) and some Head Above Water runs.  Yeah, the series officially finishes in July, but I can bend the rules a little.  Selling four issues of a five issue series is not as easy a sell as selling all five.  And probably a few more Stress Puppy GN's.  My stock of Lightning Strike and Cloudburst games will also return.  So keep an eye out, and I hope to meet some of you there.
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