Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Of To See The Wizard...Whether You Like It Or Not

So, Gareb Shamus is at WonderCon right now, and mentioned to the LA Times his plans to have 20 to 25 Wizard World conventions running next year.

I don't know if you remember his last expansion and how a lot of those shows bombed out.  His rapid grab for expansion could spread himself too thin in areas where there really isn't enough of an audience.

Consider that a lot of Wizard cons feature mostly the same guests.  How many do you really need to go to?  Also, the ChicagoCon used to be second only to San Diego until Wizard bought it and tried to leverage it against other established cons.  Now?  Nowhere near what it used to be.

I didn't mind the Wizard con.  It happened once a year, I could save for it, plan for it, drive there, have a gas.  Now, there are two cons, Reid and Wizard.  If there are more than that, I don't care if I'm trying to drum up work.  I can't live just to support a bunch of conventions.

The real drawback is that, the economy being the way it is and the way comic audiences are stagnating, it won't take long to hit the saturation point.  The fans will lose big time in all this.

I'm trying to keep an eye out for cons next year so I can see what I might pull together.  If Wizard keeps this up, I will sit them out.  Not out of protest, but sheer exhaustion.
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