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It got leaked, but it was going to be the big news from Marvel at C2E2 this weekend.

Okay, it was called OMIT, or One Moment In Time, and it's written by Joe Quesada.  Well, the leaks, complete with a poster, got out.  To commemorate the 100th Spider-Man issue since Brand New Day, where Peter Parker and Mary Jane never married, this story will be told, featuring Mary Jane in her wedding dress standing next to a Spidey with a motif tux.

Any of you hopeless romantics hoping this means BND is over and Peter and MJ will be together again, forget it.  They are tying this with the 100th issue of Spidey since BND, and Quesada has not changed his mind about Peter being single (he's probably still pissed Spider-Girl won't just go away).  Current speculation is that it will tell why (in the current continuity) they never got married, what the reason is.  I thought the reason is the editor didn't like a married Spider-Man.  Seems to explain everything to me.

Does anyone really care?  I mean, everyone, even those following BND, admit that major changes are just editorial stunts.  If things can change regardless of progression and structure, just because the editor wants it, why get worked up over the fates of the characters?  This will be another piece of trivia, and then it's onwards.

Peter Parker is intended to be a forgettable loser.  But that's in the stories.  BND is making the readers regard him that way, too.


Apr. 15th, 2010 03:41 am (UTC)
I personally don't get the point of the story. It seems like Quesada is doing it just to honk off the Spider-Man fans who want Peter and MJ back together. Supposedly, there have already been two stories in BND that teased that they might get back together but it was all an editorial ruse. Quesada got what he wanted, a single Spider-Man, so why he insists on revisiting it with teaser to make it seem like he's changed his mind...aren't there better ways to spend your time?

One More Day/Brand New Day was just mishandled from the get-go. "We have kid readers to think about! We can't have a divorced Spider-Man!" So he makes a deal with the devil. Yeah, that's MUCH better....
Apr. 15th, 2010 01:46 pm (UTC)
Further evidence that Joey The Q is one half of the Anti-Chirst...(the other half is Dan Diddlieo....)

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