Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Let Bygones Be Bygones? Like Hell, I Will

There is one perk to taking so long to break into the comic book industry.  There are lots of pretenders and rip-off artists out there, many of them sparking from the insanity of six digit sales figures in the wake of the Image Explosion.  There have been quite a few publishers who would give me the runaround (Crossgen) or just flat out ignored me.  Only years later did I find out I'd dodged a bullet, that those companies were problematic to say the least.

Among the bigger reliefs was DreamWave.  DreamWave started as a studio with Image handling distro duties.  They went for a manga/anime vibe.  I chatted them up, as that was right up my alley.  The staff was very nice and gave me lots of good info.  But that didn't translate to the highers-up.  I love rejection slips that undermine themselves.  The EIC actually sent me a letter telling me I needed more credits to my name, and in the next sentence, pointed out how over half of the staff at DreamWave were getting their first published credits there.  He gave me editing suggestions for my pitches, clearly thinking it would run me off, he never thought I would implement them.  I got wise when his suggestions were moving my stuff back to where they were before his suggestions.  Please, just say, "Go away," don't dick me around.

Since then, Pat Lee, one of the studio founders, has been revealed to be one shifty fellow.  He had others ghost his work, then denied it (and didn't pay them).  When DreamWave was on the verge of going under, he transfered money and assets to a new company so that, when DreamWave went into receivership, the creditors couldn't get a dime.  Some of the talent even got stuck with the FedEx bills for the work they did.  Lee didn't just skip town, he skipped the country, setting up a new studio in Hong Kong.

I want to point out that I have always felt a bit of distrust with Dynamite, and that was before the whole Phantom debacle.  Dynamite bought itself some goodwill by taking over the Dabel Brothers debt.  I tipped my hat to them, but reserved judgment about them.

Smart move on my part.  Dynamite just announced that they are publishing a new series by Pat Lee called Widow Warriors.  You'd think, just on principal, Dynamite would want nothing to do with him.  Not so, because here we go.

Can someone tell me what kind of an industry this is where honest, hardworking people can't get a break and rip-off artists have offers constantly thrown at them?!?
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