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C2E2 Aftershock

Here's the after action report from the pros and dealers I know who went there....

My friends and I commented how open and spacious the floor was.

That wasn't supposed to happen.

Turns out the crowd was well below Reed's projections.

So, will there be another?  I don't know if things went in a way where Reed feels things can grow.  They went through a lot of effort, what with all the banners and promotional countdown clocks for comic shops and such.

So, Wizard has seen a lot of drop off.  And now C2E2 didn't hit its mark.

I'm nervous that Chicago just doesn't have the crowd to justify one comic convention, let alone two....


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Apr. 20th, 2010 01:17 pm (UTC)
I think Chicago has the crowd, but that a few things need to change.

First, the crowd only really exists for one convention. In this economy it is far too pricey to attend a full weekend at two very similar conventions that are only a few months apart.

Second, Wizard's numbers have fallen because of the economy, yes, but also because they have repeatedly made a mockery of it.

Third, C2E2 needs to plan their layout, their program, their staff training and their advance information a little better.

C2E2 isn't competing with other cons around the country, and if they stick to roughly the same time every year, I think they could steal more of the audience simply on consistency. Plus, McCormick Place is not a bad venue for attracting an audience... although making access to the convention easier is an absolute must.

While Wizard has a mostly user-friendly layout, and a program that cover the location of most guests in spite of obviously being printed probably a month in advance (obviously, guest changes aren't covered).

I think that if Reid learns from the mistakes they made this year, and stick with it a couple more years, that they will be the one remaining.
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