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"All You Have To Do Is Pay $400!"

April 15th is the last day to get your taxes done.

April 14th is the last day Windows XP will be generally supported. This means that it is "extended service," so if you have any problems, you'll be paying for them. This is especially amusing as you can still buy computers from the store with XP installed (Kylie, my IBM S10, originally had XP, and that was this past December). Especially netbooks, which can't handle Fista. "We will let XP be installed on netbooks because Fista is bloated, but you better hope you don't screw it up. Or just buy a Fista machine and you get free support, hint hint."

M$ has also announced that April 14th will also be the last day of widespread support of Office 2003. 2003 still has its fans as it has the familiar interface, is less bloated than 2007, and doesn't have the Uh-OhXML crap baked into it (it was a few months ago that I ran into my first document that needed UhOhXML installed to open. By way of contrast, I was running across ODF's the day it was standardized). M$ is recommending users upgrade to 2007, pointing out that crackers (actually, M$ said "hackers", but hacker != cracker) are exploiting an unpatched exploit in PowerPoint2003. Will it be fixed in time? Where do you think I'd put my money? (Oh, extended support ends on April 8, 2014.)

Doncha just love planned obsolescence and vendor lock-in? There are plenty of free (as in beer as well as speech) office suites out there that will do everything you need them to do ($400 just to get TEMPLATES? Are you fucking shitting me?!?). At this point, if you are too chicken shit to at least consider an alternative because you think paying $400 is an indication of quality, you deserve what you get.


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Apr. 5th, 2009 05:57 am (UTC)
Fedora 9 - $0
OpenOffice.org - $0
Firefox - $0

Giving M$ the bird - Priceless

Some things in life are free, everything else is probably not Open Source.
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